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#Lawan Protest Monitoring #Lawan Protest Monitoring

Civil society organisations who share a common interest in promoting, protecting, and defending the right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly today released a monitoring report on the #LAWAN protest and events surrounding the 31 July 2021 protest in Kuala Lumpur including incidents of intimidation before and after the protest.

LGBTIQ+ Rights in Malaysia LGBTIQ+  Rights in Malaysia

Monitoring report co-published by Justice for Sisters and ARROW providing findings of a baseline study in Malaysia on LGBTIQ+ rights in Malaysia.

Siri Kepolisan Siri 1 Siri Kepolisan Siri 1

Diskusi ini tampil membawakan pakar kriminoligi Dr Haezreena Begum dan bekas anggota polis Tuan Mohd Ali Amir Batcha untuk membincangkan tentang isu gangguan seksual dan Prosedur Operasi Standart (SOP) polis sewaktu sekatan jalan raya.

Webinar #001: Manifestations of Violence on TikTok

KRYSS Network held an information-rich webinar on 16 May 2020 on the manifestations of violence on TikTok. Moderated by Nisa Rawi from KRYSS, discussants included Firzana Redzuan from Monsters Among Us (MAU), and two of KRYSS’s team members who have been actively monitoring and documenting online gender-based violence, Regina Mathews and Serene Lim.

Online LGBT Censorship Malaysia Online LGBT Censorship Malaysia

Online testing data indicates that at least 3 international LGBT related sites are on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) block list.