Democracy Empowerment: The Role of Freedom of Information

Freedom of information is of utmost importance to maintain the government's accountability. It is an important pillar of democracy where every member of public should be able to access it.

MCCHR in collaboration with Benar Betul Malaysia will be organizing a webinar on “Democracy Empowerment: The Role of Freedom of Information”.

Information held by public authorities is not acquired for the benefit of officials or politicians but for the public as a whole. Unless there are good reasons for withholding such information, everyone should be able to access it.

More importantly, freedom of information is a key component of a transparent and accountable government. It plays a key role in enabling citizens to see what is going on within the government, and in exposing issues like corruption and mismanagement.

An open government is also essential if voters are able to asses the performance of elected officials and if individuals are able to exercise their democratic rights effectively.

This discussion aims to analyse the role of freedom of information to create a fair and empowering democracy.

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