Interviews & Talks

Evaluating MyDigital - Radio call Evaluating MyDigital - Radio call

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has launched the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital) with the aim to develop digital infrastructure and capacity by 2030. We speak with Khairil Yusof to take a look at the key initiatives of this blueprint.

Law & Behold #33: Academic Freedom

BFM interviewed lawyer Kee Hui Yee and MCCHR Chief Human Rights Strategist Firdaus Husni on the arrest of student activist Wong Yan Ke and academic freedom in Malaysia.

V2K Telegram Group Exposed - 5 Oct 20

BFM interviews KRYSS Partner-Director Serene Lim on the exposure of the V2K telegram group and what action people whose personal images have been shared without their consent can take.

Siapa Jaga Media? - 21 Aug 2020

Media companies and journalists have been probed and investigated by the authorities recently. Many media companies have shut down and laid off their staff due to the evolving landscape and also the COVID-19 pandemic.