Article19 Activities and Events

The Politics of Hate Speech

The world was once again shocked by terrorist attacks in France, namely the killing of the teacher Samuel Paty in connection with his use of caricatures of the Prophet during a classroom lesson and the knife attacks at a church in Nice. Mahathir Mohamad commented on these events with a number of concerning posts, endorsing the attacks and seemingly encouraging Muslims to kill French people.

Malaysiakini should not be liable for users’ comments

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Federal Court of Malaysia to respect international freedom of expression standards on intermediary liability in the case against Malaysiakini, a leading Malaysian web-based news portal known for its impactful reporting on human rights issues.

End harassment of union workers and peaceful protesters

On 2 June, police arrested five individuals during a protest outside Ipoh Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. The protesters were raising concerns about the lack of personal protective equipment for hospital employees, arbitrary changes to work schedules, and denial of a government-authorised allowance for frontline workers.

End gender segregation for artistic and cultural performances

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned about a proposal by officials in Terengganu, a Malaysian state, to regulate entertainment and cultural performances according to a conservative interpretation of Islam that discriminates on the basis of gender.

Repeal publications law to promote freedom of expression

On 13 February, Malaysia’s Court of Appeal took an important step to defend the right to freedom of expression and the right freedom of religion or belief by overturning a ban on three books published by a think tank promoting moderate Islam

Reform discriminatory laws, promote tolerance

On Thursday, 7 November, an Islamic court in Selangor convicted five men for “attempting intercourse against the order of nature”, imposing sentences of caning and six or more months imprisonment.